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Introduction to the Maui Travel Guide

Maui’s oft-quoted motto is “Maui no ka oi.”  Maui is the best.  Endorsing this boast, the readers of Condé Nast Traveler magazine voted Maui the “Best Island in the World” six times.  For two years running they also named Maui the world’s “Top Travel Destination.”  Each of the Hawaiian isles is unique and has something exceptional to offer.  Maui just seems to have it all.  

Golden sand beaches scallop its coasts, luring the weary traveler to relax.  Those who don’t need to relax can swim, sail, windsurf, paddle a kayak or SCUBA dive to coral reefs inhabited by fish painted in colors more vivid than a Hawaiian rainbow.  Ten thousand feet above the sea rests a caldera whose eerie landscape resembles the moon’s surface.  Burnt cinder cones rise hundreds of feet above the crater floor and rivers of frozen lava bear witness to the island’s birth by fire in the not-so-distant past.  Between the sea’s waves and the volcano’s crown live plants and animals found nowhere else on earth.  Tens of thousands of acres on Maui and vast areas of its coastal waters have been proclaimed protected areas.  Sugar cane carpets Maui’s Central Valley green, and pineapple, the enduring symbol of Hawai‘i, thrives in the hills above.  Higher still, horticulturists nurture the other-worldly protea and cattle and horses graze in pastures that roll across Haleakalā’s slopes amid cactuses and purple-blossomed jacaranda trees.  Haleakalā’s south flank, where lava last flowed on the island, has a beauty that is stark and rugged.  To the north, rainforests cloak the steep, eroded valleys with plants still to be discovered.  

Maui is an adventurer’s paradise waiting to be explored. This guide was written for the traveler who wants to see and experience the best that Maui has to offer.  Its detailed descriptions and accurate directions are written to help readers make their own discoveries.

Disclaimer: There are inherent dangers to anyone who travels.  Any reader of the information on this website must assess all conditions and take appropriate action to ensure their own safety.  Information provided here may not reflect current or changing conditions.   Travelers should read and obey all warnings posted at the travel sites they encounter. The author and publisher of this website does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any errors or omissions contained herein.

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